Join Kurt David as he Takes Ya Back to the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Each hourly program specializes on a decade and the whole hour is linked by a common theme. Hear great classic oldies and some of those that you may have forgotten. Great memories, great times and a great show.

Kurt also informs you with some great Songwriters Searches. Classic songs linked by great Songwriters..

Takin' Ya Back are played as all three decades and can be heard at the following times on Atlantic Oldies 2NG. It's a great way to enjoy three hours.

  • Tuesday 7pm ET (0000 UK) 
  • Friday 12pm ET (1700 UK)
  • Saturday 2pm ET (1900 UK)

Visit the Takin' Ya Back website and contact Kurt.

Songwriter's Search are played at various times during part of the normal mix of music. Be on the look out for them. They're interesting and "I didn't know that!"